Free Game of The Week: MUGEN


This Week:

MUGEN Fighting Games

Fighting games are easy to come by. But they have always been restrictive  in terms of functionality and customization. That is not so with this weeks “free game of the week” where with a little technical know how, you can create your own fighting games from scratch with a roster featuring whomever you want. Ronald McDonald vs Godzilla, Michael Jackson vs  Michael Jordon, its all possible here.

Why is this not like other games of the week? You have to create it from scratch. Sure you can download someone elses  ready made MUGEN, but its not nearly as satisfying that way. And you need to know rudimentary HTML coding and a good eye for directions to get to that conclusion.

The first step is downloading WinMUGEN, the basic mugen package. This will give you all the base files that you need to get started. Then you can follow these tutorials to get your Mugen up to speed.

Why is Mugen our free game of the week? It’s customization is limitless. Any crazy match up you’ve ever dreamed of, you can put Mugen in watch mode and finally see who would win. And it’s not for the brain dead either. You will learn some valuable computer skills during the creation process. And once you finally have 650+ characters in your game (and it takes up 12+ gigs of storage space) you can show your friends what an awesome game it is. And the best part: you made it!


One Response to Free Game of The Week: MUGEN

  1. Roger says:

    how to downlowed mugen

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