iGamer is Now Hiring!

The iGamer team (me) is looking for aspiring writers and people with a passion for games. There is no pay for this job, but you will be able to have your writing, ideas, and opinions seen on the web in a very professional atmosphere. Accepted writers will also get their own staff blog to vent their personal ideas and frustrations.

Any interested parties, please email pwnagepal@gmail.com.

NOTE to readers: Yes, I can’t do it alone. I got school, and the time that I have to write new posts is less and less each day. So maybe one of YOU would like to step up from being a lurker and have your ideas read by your gaming peers. Email me and I will contact you back.

PS: Due to security reasons, other iGamer writers will not have full administrative privilages. You will only be able to post. Also, your staff blog will not have the same iGamer theme that Cameron and I have. The reason is because our graphic artist left, and I do not have the resources to take his place.


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