Demo Day Impressions: Wet

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Wet is a game that I had been looking forward to. Mainly because I think it could prove that Bethesda CAN make a different game (Oblivion, Fallout 3, pretty much the same to me). And Wet is different.

Wet is a platforming/run and gun 3rd person action title. Think Max Payne. In fact, replace Rubi with Max and I think you have the same game. But there are differences. Wet tries for a filmy 1970’s kung fu movie look (or at least in the levels that I played). While this suits the over the top nature of the action, I didn’t particularely care for it, as it reminded me of Kung Fu Chaos.

It can be really fun to stop time in Wet, and watch your enemies blood splatter as you shoot them. It can also be fun in Max Payne. And Stranglehold. And all the other games that used that concept as the basis of their ideas. If you can’t tell, I don’t particularely care for Wet. Thats because I’ve played it many times before.

Rubi is an interesting protagonist:

What Max- I mean, Wet deliversin style I personally think it lacks in substance. Sort of like FIFA Street 3.  The whole time I was playing it I was thinking “so when did Quentin Tarentino write the script for this game?”. That’s exactly what its like. But there is no underlying brilliance here that I can see. Like the chase scene at the end of the demo (pictured above). Is it cool? Heck yea. Is it fun to play? No. You just shoot at people you can’t hit unless your a trained army marksmen, until the game decides that your car should blow up and you have to jump to another. It goes on like that until the demo is suddenly cut short and ends. Fun to watch, but not play. That’s basically the epitome of the entire demo right there. A big budget action flick.

Who would I recommend this game to? Do I have to recommend it to anyone? Okay, fine, how about fans of stylized violence. Yes, all you sociopaths out there can now unite and share a common interest. If you like Kill Bill, Max Payne, Stranglehold, Reservoir Dogs, or Inglourious Basterds then I can recommend this game to you. If you don’t share those interests then don’t download this demo. You may not like it.

NOTE: This is just my opinion of the demo, not the full game. When the full game comes out, if I can get my hands on it, then you can expect a full original iGamer review right up on the blog.


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