iPhone App of The Week: Ragdoll Blaster

iPhone App of The Week

With the craze and current app boom of the iPhone app store, I have created this feature to appeal to the people who own these pocket computers (AKA: Rich, aristocratic suburbanites). iPhone app of the week will showcase an app a week that demonstrates true creative talent, and is fun to play.

This Week:

Ragdoll Blaster is a puzzle game. Yes, its a puzzle game. You solve said puzzles by shooting ragdolls to move things, reach things, and power things mechanically. You have to somehow have a ragdoll reach a physics enabled target. This seems like a simple concept, but it actually progresses steadily in terms of difficulty. Eventually, the player will have to do things like power a Rube Goldberg type machine by shooting ragdolls at various components, then hit the target before it rolls out of sight.

The controls aren’t something you would expect from innovation. You tap an area of a screen to launch a ragdoll there. Physics controls the rest. Its not the as other games like Tap Tap Revenge or some of the other titles that Apple has featured on their commercials. But its controls aren’t what make it fun. The fun is when you finally figure out a level, and then experience the joy of beating it. Yeah, not a very original concept. But Ragdoll Blaster gets so hard that eventually, assuming you beat any of the later levels (and there are lots of them) an immense sense of satisfaction washes over you. Its a sense rarely achieved by other games. And all the while being calmed by one of Beethoven’s symphonies, well, its just a great package deal. Give this game a try, it will not let you down!


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