Trials HD Demo Day Impressions

I was waiting for the Trials HD demo. Actually that would be a understatement. I waited till the clock ticked 12 AM, then quickly downloaded my prize. The next few hours, they were certainly something.

Trials HD is a physics based dirtbike puzzle/platformer game. You’ve played these games online before. In fact, RedLynx, the developer, developed Trials HD as a sort of sequel to Trials 2 (which can be played online free). Once I saw that this game was the epitome of what I loved about those games – and more – I put it on my watch list.

Trials HD is fun. The physics feel great and the whole thing has very high production values. I loved bailing off my bike mid air and seeing how my rag doll rider would take the fall. Then a few hours later I learned that you could press the Y button after bailing to grab onto nearby objects, which led to a few more hours of fun. Keep in mind that the demo only has 3 real levels, but also gives a taste of two of the “skill games”. One has you inside a metal ball, rolling down a variety of terrains, trying to keep yourself from falling of your bike. The other a contest to find out how far you can blast your bailed rider through the air before hitting the ground.

After 20 minutes of attempts and crushing failures, I finally got the fabled gold medal on the final track, tenaciously titled “Wheres the Ground?”.

If you have Xbox Live and any interest at all in physics based games, I would reccomend at least giving the demo a download.I will definitely be buying the full version as soon as I get the money.

Price: 1200 M$ points

Developer: RedLynx

Release Date: August 12th, 2009

Platform: Xbox 360 (Xbox Live Arcade title)

My Impression: If you have any interest, definitely download it.


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