IGN opens Planet Resident Evil site – a site for all things Resident Evil

Planet Resident Evil is excited to announce its opening, and not a moment too soon! Things are looking bleak in the world of Resident Evil as various nations strive to test and develop their own viruses. Bioterrorism is a common occurrence, and you need somewhere to stay safe from the hordes of zombies. That is where we come in. We’ve got a host of content that’ll prepare you for your adventures in Kijuju and get you up to speed on the T-Virus and the Las Plagas parasite. As people like Chris Redfield or Leon Kennedy can probably tell you, knowing the history of your enemies can be a huge advantage!

To understand what Planet Resident Evil has to offer, let’s take a look at some of the key areas on our website. We’ve got daily news and articles written by our staff on everything from the history of the Resident Evil series to an in-depth analysis of Capcom’s live action RE5 viral videos. But one of the biggest features on our site is something that we need your help with – our Resident Evil Wiki.

We’ve put together information on various Resident Evil games and storylines, covering everything from Ada Wong to RE4’s Zealots. But the Resident Evil mythos is both massive and constantly growing, which means there is always more that can be added to our Wiki. If you feel something is missing, feel free to show off your Resident Evil knowledge by creating a page or editing it into an existing page. We’ve put up a page explaining how to use our wiki, so we hope you’ll contribute to the community’s goal to create the most comprehensive Resident Evil source available.

Full post here


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