iGamer Staff Thoughts- Cameron’s Review of Sonic the Hedgehog

iGamer Staff Thoughts 1

As recently posted on iGamer, you all may know I got a Playstation3 for my birthday. I got the games Civilization Revolution, Little Big Planet, and NHL 09. I am not going to review those games right now, but I will review another game. Days after my birthday I went to Target to see if they had the game Sonic the Hedgehog, released specifically for the next-gen systems. I knew it had gotten horrible reviews but I had to take it for a spin myself. I picked out the $20 game and purchased begging I wouldn’t be disappointed.

The first time I slid the disk into the console and didn’t know what to expect as a somewhat long period of time. The game finished loading. The title screen was great and so was the music with an occasional eagle flying by through the background. Press start to immediately load your file and then the screen changes to the selection menu. The game has a vast story mode, four episodes (Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Final), Sonic being the first character to play as. He has most of his previous attacks from the Sonic Adventure series, with a couple new moves like long slides. Shadow on the other hand has a completely new homing attack. While in midair, he teleports above the enemy and kicks them down. Silver uses multiple types of psychic attacks. Also, if you don’t want to play solo, pick another controller and play with a friend in the vast multiplayer mode.

The camera can be bad at some points but reviewing the game with 4.5 out of 10 is just not fair. If you bought Sonic Unleashed, then buy this cause you can also get it for the Xbox360. Cut Sonic Team some slack because this game had to have everything if it wanted to make the horrible game Shadow the Hedgehog be forgotten. This game deserves a 7.3, not a 4.5.


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