Joystiq interviews Ken Feldman, art director of God of War 3

JS: Did you work on any of the previous titles?

KF: Yeah. Actually, Tim Moss, myself, and David Jaffe were the first three people on God of War. We were the three guys that came up with Kratos, the usage of Greek mythology, and all that goodness.

When God of War finished, I was lead environment artist on that project with Stig, and so him and I go back quite a ways. When that game finished, Stig went on and art directed God of War II, and I went on and started working on the technology for God of War III.

My time on God of War II was very limited. It was just like, “We are behind schedule and we need somebody to help us out.” So I have been working on technology and making sure that the art tools and all that we are creating are not just a bucket list that you can sort of check off that all of these so-called “next-gen” games have, but that they kind of fit the universe that we are trying to make with God of War and with what we want to do with the game.

So this is actually a really exciting day for me, because this is the first time I have actually gotten to show what we have been doing for the last four years now. It is pretty exciting.

Read the Full Interviw Here


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