From Blue Blur To Howling Hog

Sonic unleashed boxart.jpg

Recently, I obtained the game Sonic Unleashed from a local Game Stop hoping for the best. I got what I wanted. This game packed an insane punch from beautifully designed days in fantastic, realistic cities, to classic beat-em-ups worth trying again and again! Now I know a review was posted a couple weeks ago on the site, but I feel not all the questions were answered.

Is there a chao garden?

No. I know a lot of you hoped for this, but no. Those cute, cuddly creatures just couldn’t fit in! I mean really, were-hog to chao, is that even balanced? I have to admit though, having a Were-Hog chao would be kind of cool.

What is the storyline?

The video below says it all:

Now this video shows Sonic the hedgehog battling the notorious Dr. Eggman! I have to say this really jumpstarts the fantastic gameplay that follows this cutscene.

How different are normal Sonic’s controls from Secret Rings?

Completely easier. The game is set normally to play with the WiiMote but you could change it so you could use the Classic and Gamecube controllers. I suggest the Gamecube controller because the gameplay resembles the speedy levels of Sonic Adventure DX, so if you’re familiar with that, you’ll be familiar with this!

Is there a Super Were-Hog Sonic form?

I am very disappointed to say no. Heres how the finally plays out: You start out as normal Sonic and fight in a rocky golem called the Collusus, powered by the seven chaos emeralds which you restored at the seven continents’ Gaia Temples. Later, Dark Gaia takes true form and you turn into the famous, gold hedgehog, Super Sonic.

Do familiar faces return to the game?

Yes. So far, I’ve gotton as far as meeting Eggman, Tails, and Amy (there’s a shocker). I’m hoping to see some of Knuckles and maybe Shadow but I don’t count on it!

Those are all the questions I will answer for today! I am reviewing this game so don’t be surprised when I say it deserves a 9.0 out of 10!


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