Free Game of the Week (11/23/08)- Super Mario Fangame


This is a new feature that I am adding to iGamer. I thought it would be fun to supply you with a new free game every week because we all get bored sometimes ;).

This week’s game is Super Mario Fangame, a Mario fangame created by kjellm87. This game has a New Super Mario Bros. type feel to it, and it’s a lot of fun to play a classic Mario side-scroller like this. The game has  returning power-ups like the red mushroom (which, in this game, fills up your health meter) and the 1up mushroom we all love to see. Unfortunately, the fire flower is not in this game, which kind of made me die a little inside. Not only that, but none of the old power-ups like the cape flower are here. And one last piece of criticism is that there is no background music (what’s up with that?). Other than those two missing parts, this is one of the greatest fangames I’ve ever played, and deserves it’s game of the week title.

Download the Game Here (from


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