iGamer Staff Thoughts- How Do You Like the New Xbox Experiance?

Thoughts from the gamers, to the gamersIt’s time for my good ol’ Thangsgiving break! That’s right, I’m off from school until Monday! You know what that means- more updates! A quick note about our Thanksgiving schedule: all the writers have been given the day off on Thanksgiving day (November 27th), so no updates on that day (at least from me).

Today, I went over to my friend’s house (Nick, he’s been on the site a couple times) to play some Halo. While I was there,  I saw my first glimpse at the new Xbox Experience. As I saw the menu and started using it, I soon realized that it was a whole lot easier to use than than the old dashboard. And I have to to say, the avatars look like they have more to offer than Miis. However, I didn’t say that easier to use meant that it was better than the old one. My advice: core gamers, stick with the old one; newcomers and causal gamers, download it and give it a try. Now, here is my question: how do you like the New Xbox Experiance? Answer below:


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