iGamer Staff Thoughts- New Features to iGamer

iGamer Staff Thoughts 1

As you may have noticed, there are some changes to iGamer. If you need help finding your way around, you’ve clicked to the right spot!

I’ve noticed a big trend in gaming sites. A lot of them have a big news portal with all the top stories and things of that matter. However, they’re are other sites that are just blog (like we used to be, and kind of still are). Now, with the new iGamer 2.0, you get the best of both worlds (no reference too Hannah Montana intended). You’ve probably noticed changes going on in last couple days (new navigation, new theme, etc.). Well, we finished the new updates, and read on to find out what’s new.

To change views, just go to the box on the sidebar. The two paragrphs below explain what the two new views are.

Standard View: In standard view, you see the new news portal type main page. It contains the new featured articles, podcast player, and poll. If you like the home pages of the game sites like GameSpot or IGN, you will like this better. If you don’t like this view, read the next article to find out how to get into blog view!

Blog View:In blog view, you see what you will you normally saw on classic iGamer. Just the list of news, except for the different theme. So, if you completly hate the new standard view, come on over here!

Please be sure to comment on this post to give us feedback on the new layout! Also, look below to see a site map to help you get around.

Community Tab

-Message Boards

-IRC Chat


-Join Our Newsletter

-iGamer SMS

Contact Us Tab


-Contact Info

Podcast Tab

-Podcast Episode Archive


One Response to iGamer Staff Thoughts- New Features to iGamer

  1. Dana says:

    I think it was a good idea to upgrade the site, it looks really good by the way.

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