John Schappert Says the 360 ‘Has the Power’ for MGS4

A portion of a article:

With all the rumor and speculation that has surrounded the potential of Metal Gear Solid 4 being ported to the Xbox 360 over the years (none of which, mind you, has ever been confirmed), one question has yet to be definitively answered: Is the 360 actually powerful enough to host the game without any significant changes? If you ask John Schappert, corporate VP of Xbox Live, he’ll give you a simple and unsurprising answer: Yes.

“I can’t speak on behalf of Konami, but I can shed more light on the fact that we definitely have the power to run MGS4,” Schappert said while speaking with MCV. “There are a lot of recent examples that are in true high-def on our platform and aren’t on PS3. We’ve got an amazing amount of horsepower and graphics power.” It’s an interesting statement, considering Hideo Kojima himself once stated that MGS4 is “probably not possible” on other platforms, do to it being “optimized for the PS3.”

Schappert also expressed his desire to see the game on the Xbox 360 in the future. “I’m certainly in the fan club that would love to see Kojima-san’s masterpiece come our way. It would be wonderful to play Metal Gear Solid on the Xbox. It could become another of the many franchises that started their life on another console that are now coming our way.”

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