Gamestop newsletter- best sellers and trade in deals

Receive an Extra $15 Trade-In Credit

In-Store Offer Only
Now that school’s back in session, we want to make it easy for you to get extra credit. Now through October 12, trade three or more used Xbox 360, Wii or PS3 games toward the reservation or purchase of a new title and you’ll receive an additional $15 trade-in credit. All trade-in offers are only valid in-store at your local GameStop. Some exclusions apply. Please see our Trade-in Offers page for further details.

Warhammer Online (PC) $49.99
Nintendo Wii Bundle $349.99
Madden NFL 09 (360) $59.99
FIFA Soccer 08 (PS2) $29.99
Too Human (360) $59.99
Madden NFL 09 (PS3) $59.99
Fable 2 LE (360) $79.99
SOCOM w/ Headset (PS3) $59.99
Fable 2 (360) $59.99
Madden NFL 09 (PS2) $39.99
WoW Lich King (PC) $39.99
Little Big Planet (PS3) $59.99
Mercenaries 2 (360) $59.99
Spore (PC) $49.99
Star Wars: Force (360) $5

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