Bully: Scholarship Edition

Title: Bully Scholarship Edition

System Reviewed on: XB360

Available for: Wii and Xbox 360. The original bully is availible for the PS2.

Rating: Teen

Hours played: 45

Status: Beaten

Overall Rating: 8.3/10

With school starting and backpacks and homework filling up the house, it’s a surefire sign that school is back in session. And with school, comes all sorts of different people, pushed into the same environment. And when someone gets annoyed with someone else and is fueled by hatred, that is inevitably the birth of the bully. So its good to see a game that appreciates today’s modern high school life (with a few exaggerations), and incorporates it into a fun, maybe for those adults, trip down memory lane. For the rest of us, it’s just a re-iteration of what happens everyday at school, except you can: beat people up, destroy cars, punch adults,  steal bikes, skip class, punch girls, sneak into asylums, start a food fight, egg houses, punch cops, knock out cops, knock out anyone you see, run nonstop for a whole in game day, date about 5 girls at once, kiss all of them in front of each other and they won’t care, disrespect cops, disrespect adults, stay out all night (till 2AM before you collapse anyway), and many other things falling under the category of teenage mischief without real life consequence. So to start the dog eat dog cycle once again, here is iGamer’s review of Bully: Scholarship Edition. Is this a cheap broken port to the next gen consoles? Should a PS2 Bully player buy this game again because of the new classes and minor graphical upgrades? Read the review to find out!

Bully’s story follows the life of troubled teenager Jimmy Hopkins (pictured above). His mother re-marries to a real dirtbag and while they go on their honeymoon, Jimmy gets dropped of at a fictional English boarding school appropriatly named “Bullworth Academy”. This high school is filled with greasers, preps, jocks, nerds, bullys and they’re all out to get the new kid (Jimmy). Jimmy, being the ever so predictable protagonist decides that he’s had enough of all this bullying and decides that all the schools factions will bow to him and he will rule the school fairly. You the player join him on this trouble, vandalism, violence, and bike filled quest.

The huge open world of Bully is full of possibilities. The map of this game is huge and your free to do pretty much anything you want.

The locales of the map differ from place to place. Greasers hang out around the garage, jocks walk around and inside the gym and fields, nerds stay near the library, preps hang out around a building called the Harington House (basically preppy dorms), and bullys hang around the basketball court. You can see mixtures of all factions inside the school house and in town at the carnival. The people who wander the town and the punks in the industrial district are called townies and don’t really bother Jimmy but play a huge part in the story.

Gameplay in Bully is kind of linear and simple but it has a lot of glitches and bugs, mostly relating to collision boxes and freezing glitches. You have fighting moves that you start with, but you can get more by attending gym class and sparring with a hobbo living behind the school (once you find one of the hidden radio transistors!). If you do bad things to bad people or any kind of person, especially cops, girls, little kids and shop owners, then you will be running away from the all too watchful eye of either the cops in town or the prefects on the Bullworth campus. sometimes you can break free by rapidley tapping a button, but sometimes you must face the consequences.

The classes in this game are like minigames you might find in a Mario Party game. Shop and chemistry involve timed button presses, while geography involves putting down flags on the corresponding country on a map. English plays out like text twist (rearrange letters in a jumble to form words) while gym class involes either wrestling or dodgeball. Art makes you guide a brush along a canvas whilst avoiding enemies to uncover a picture. The other new class, music, involves timed joystick moves. In biology you disect various animals (not for the faint of heart, luckily you may cut class) using careful controller moves.

The graphics in Bully: Scholarship Edition don’t really does not take advantage of the Xbox 360s graphical capabilities. You can tell that not everything is really up to next gen par. Somethings they probably just took from the PS2 version of the game and stuck right in. In terms of PS2 players re buying the game, assuming you have a 360 and you willing to spend more money to play almost the same game, then you should go get it. BSC is not a game to buy a 360 for (Oblivion on the other hand….). This isn’t really a broken port, but Rockstar could have made alot of things look like they were on the 360 instead of still on the PS2. If you have not picked up Bully yet, then its an okay buy. I feel cheated because I payed $45 for mine at Gamestop and within days they fell to about $20.

So on the end verdict, its not really a must for people who already own the original Bully, but if this is your first time looking at it and you have a 360 or Wii, then this game is recommended.

8.3 – Recommended


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