Telltale talking about Working with Wii

A portion of Joystiq interview with Designer, Mark Darin, and PR Manager, Emily Morgant…

J: What are the sales ratios like for SBCG4AP between Wii and PC?

Mark: I don’t know the actual numbers but I know that right now the Wii version is selling more than the PC.

Emily: Consider that anything that comes out on WiiWare is going to sell a huge amount because it’s a WiiWare title, but comparably both of them are selling really well. We’re really happy with the numbers for both. The Wii just has a much bigger audience.

J: Do you feel restricted by the Wii’s hardware?

Mark: Not for development. We went in expecting the Wii’s small memory management to be really restrictive, but that didn’t turn out to be the case. Our tools and people who do all the tech wizardry behind the scenes were able to make it so that we didn’t have to limit any of the designs for Strong Bad or cut any content that we had originally wanted to put in there. Actually, when we progressed we found that there was room for us to put more features in. We didn’t find it limiting at all. We knew what we were going into so we designed the game for that.

Emily: For Sam and Max there was some work involved in getting a game designed to run on the PC running on the Wii. It’s to our advantage that our PC specs are pretty manageable. It’s a little bit taxing on the Wii, but it actually converts over pretty well. There are probably game design decisions that we would’ve done differently if we were designing it for the Wii, but the porting process was pretty good.

Full interview here


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