Halo 3 Wins Edge Award For Interactive Innovation

Respected games magazine Edge has awarded Halo 3 the Edge Award for Interactive Innovation at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival. Deputy Editor Alex Wiltshire praised the game’s trailblazing approach to online community features as he presented the award this evening:

“It’s easy to overlook all the new ideas that are present in Halo 3 and the remarkably robust way they’ve been implemented in the light of its incredible success and its legions of fans. This award, we hope, goes some small way to reminding everybody of them.

“To prove the point, many games are now coming out with these features as standard. In short, Halo 3, just as Halo 2 did before it, presents a roadmap for the way online will be integrated in videogames in the coming years.”

Also nominated for the award were GTA IV, Portal, Rock Band, Super Mario Galaxy and Wii Sports. You can see Bungie’s rather teasing acceptance video below.

Watch the aforementioned video at GamesRadar


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