25 Annoying Things About Non-Gamers

For years, we’ve endured their criticism. Gamers are immature. Gamers are immoral. Gamers are wasting time and money on silly, stupid toys.

Nag nag nag. Blah blah blah.

Now, with those same people snatching up Wiis, fumbling through Guitar Hero and pretending to finally “get” our hobby, it’s time to turn the tables. What annoys you about non-gamers? When they talk about gaming, what inane and ignorant comments irritate you the most? When they watch you play, what reactions and suggestions piss you off? And worst, when they actually attempt to “join in the fun,” what rookie mistakes and head-shaking blunders make you want to scream?

Here’s our list of grievances. Share yours.

#1 You can’t have it both ways. Parents, politicians and pundits are constantly scolding kids for spending too much time with videogames. At the same time, however, they casually mock anyone who dares play as an adult. Which age group is being irresponsible again? Make up your damn minds!

#2 Look who’s talking. If you spend most days building kitten orphanages and serving hot soup to homeless rainbows, then yes, you can tell us that gaming is “a waste of time.” If you sit on the couch instead – watching sports, voting for reality television or browsing celebrity gossip blogs – then please shut your hypocritical mouth.

#3 Control yourself. That game pad is not a rock and you are not an angry gorilla. Smashing the buttons with all your ferocious might is not going to make your character any faster, stronger or smarter. It will probably break our $50 piece of equipment, however, so just stop.

#4 Yes, this stuff is expensive. If we ask you to put on the wrist strap, to take a step back from the HDTV, to wash your greasy Cheeto-caked mitts or to grab “the guest controller,” we have every right. Don’t act offended and don’t look at us like we’re anal retentive freaks.

#5 It’s your fault. Not the game’s. Not the controller’s. Not the connection’s. Not the lighting’s. Yours.

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