Super Mario Marathon pulls in over $10,000 for Child’s Play Charity

It looks like the Super Mario Marathon went over very nicely. The live-streamers managed to pull in over $10,000 as they played their way through the Mario series. You can check out a rundown of their adventures below.

Friday, June 27
3 pm to 3:17 — Super Mario Brothers begun and beaten. Four lives lost in 17 minutes.
3:17 pm to 3:50 pm — Super Mario Brothers 2 begun and beaten. Four lives lost in 23 minutes.
3:50 pm to 5:27 pm — Super Mario Brothers 3 begun and beaten. “A ton” of lives lost in 1 hour, 37 minutes.
5:35 pm to 6:23 pm — Super Mario World begun and beaten. 4 lives lost in 48 minutes.
6:23 pm — Super Mario 64 begun

Saturday, June 28
5:47 am — Super Mario 64 beaten, 122 lives lost in 11 hours, 10 minutes
6:02 am to 8:41 pm — Super Mario Sunshine begun and beaten, 127 lives lost in 14 hours, 39 minutes.
9:09 pm — Super Mario Galaxy begun.

Sunday, June 29
2:42 pm — Super Mario Galaxy beaten, 232 lives lost in 17 hours, 31 minutes.
Combined: 47 hours, 42 minutes, 524 plus “a lot” of lives lost.

Official site here



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