TellTale Games Contest

Telltale Games has announced a contest. The winner gets a free copy of the first SBCG4AP episode: Homestar Ruiner. Here is the post of it from the Devoloper’s blog:

Hey Wii owners, listen up! Since Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People will be coming out on WiiWare as well as PC, we thought the time was right for a little make-a-Mii contest. Just pick your favorite character, fire up your Wii, and do your best (or worst) to make a Mii that looks like that character. You can pick from any of the main characters (HR Wiki has a nice list here). Three lucky winners will get a copy of the first SBCG4AP episode, Homestar Ruiner, when it launches on WiiWare. Woo!

To enter: Send a picture of your Mii to Put “Strong Bad Mii contest” in the subject line and keep your attachment under 1MB, please. In your email, include the character your Mii is of (just in case we can’t tell…) and your Wii friend code so we can get you your prize if you win. One entry per person, so send in your best Mii!

The contest closes Sunday, June 14 15 at 11:59 pm Pacific time and we’ll post the winning Miis on the blog the following week.


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