Vii are the knockoffs!

Ever heard of the Chinese knockoff of the Wii? The Vii looks like a Wii, you interact with it like a Wii. So what makes it different? The games. When purchased, the Vii comes with about 20 games to play. Games like fishing, tennis, baseball, etc. What makes this console weider is its knockoff of a Mii. Instead of a person for a Mii, it is more of a big-eared alien type thing. Who would want to play as an alien on over 200 games?

Here is the Vii 2

 Image from Engadget

Now the remote may be cool, but take notice of the “box” itself. Thicker than the Wii, and taller than the Wii. An who knows, maybe it is made with lead paint.




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